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Snowflakes and Sand (2018)

Snowflakes and Sand is a dystopian, inspiring and surprising story of a boy and his soon-to-be friends who share a mysterious visitor – an incredible woman who teaches them, guides them, and gives them the confidence they need to live amazing lives.  Will her lessons help their small group make the most challenging decision yet?

Hidden Room (2018)

Born into a world of strange and dark magic that she was enchanted to forget, Cynthia Harris is not a likable person.  Caustic and brutally honest, Cynthia rages against the life into which she has been imprisoned by making others miserable.  But when a stranger recognizes the girl she was from a time lost, she finds herself spiraling into a world of secrets, magic and dark places – and most chillingly, true love.  She and her strange lover have no idea that every touch, every moment they share drives the planet into chaos.  If they can only solve the mystery and understand the power that has cursed them…

Death’s Daughter (2018)

Tess cleans her house, top to bottom, twice each year.  This Autumn, she realizes no amount of scrubbing can alter the mess of her internal life.  Something needs to change.  As incident after incident pushes her to an inevitable crisis, Tess finds herself expressing her unconscious desires in surprising ways.  By the time Spring arrives, cleaning house means more than just washing windows.  A tribute to Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, Death’s Daughter, delivers a humorous and often horrifying look at our personal boundaries and the choices we make.  What would you sacrifice to feel loved?

Leaving Oklahoma (2019)

Cindy wants to go home, but she has none.  Her husband is committed – and, alone, facing ruin in every area of her life, she has no help – even from the doctors and resource centers charged with providing answers.  Based on the author’s own experiences and providing an intimate portrait of living with someone with mental illness, Leaving Oklahoma, explores the truth of the state of the human mind – and shines a bright light not only on the often terrifying experiences of those living with mental illness – but also on the challenges of their caretakers against overwhelming odds.  Leaving Oklahoma exposes not only the madness from within – but the madness of the system upon which we all rely.