Amazed and Honored

When I decided to launch my writing career, I did so because I needed to write.  It was a lifelong desire that I needed to satisfy, no matter the results.  It’s funny – for my businesses, I am focused on profit margin and marketing…But for my writing, I just wanted to share.

To my surprise, in the two months Treasure has been on the shelves, I have had double the sales the “experts” predicted!!  Double!!!  I can’t help smiling knowing that many more people are entertained by my little story – What an honor!

I just had a lunch with a dear friend who is, honestly, quite a literary snob.  (Sorry, Joanna, but it’s true….)  Her feedback was important to me: I wanted to know I could reach a reader like her – someone who reads sixty books a year, someone who reads literature and poetry.  Would she like my writing? Would my story entertain her?

She LOVED it.

  • “Love the story.  Really fun and funny.”
  • “Fast read.”
  • “Kept me turning the pages!”

My readers are invited to join my contest – get in on the action!  I will close the contest sometime after I publish That Fall.  Probably in the winter.  So keep the entries coming!

If you have not joined my amazing team of fans, get your copy today on Amazon.

And don’t forget to submit a rating on Amazon and Goodreads.  (It’s easier just to search my name – too many books with Treasure as a title!)


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